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Cabo Tequila – Thick Cut Campaign

Blazing A Path Where No Tequila Has Gone Before

Cabo Wabo was in need of a big re-brand and revamped direction in the way it connected with consumers. Instead of following the pack and harping on Mexican heritage and pretentious quality, we took a fresh approach, based on insights, that made Cabo Tequila stand out for some more assertive reasons.

First, let’s define what “Thick Cut” means. It’s a two part answer: 1. When Cabo is made, the master distiller uses a thicker cut of the distillate. In plain words, it’s a bolder, more agave-forward tasting tequila. 2. Thick Cut is a way of life. It means taking a no-holds barred approach to life, liberty and the pursuit of pleasure, and never apologizing for doing what you love. Because hell, you’ve earned it.

While the “Thick Cut” platform was created by the above the line agency, it was our job to bring the program to life. After running the Cabo social channels for a couple of years, we used digital insights to develop a very targeted campaign, focused on the middle aged, mid-western male. He knows what he likes, will pay more for the things he wants and doesn’t care what you think. From one of our positioning decks, Cabo is “100% Mexican, 110% American” tequila.

After hosting focus groups, we discovered that our drinker loves grilling and outdoor entertaining as much as drinking tequila. So we connected Cabo with some of the nation’s top BBQ experts. Our approach was to provide utilitarian content from the experts, taking each consumer’s already awesome grilling and drink making skills to an even more awesome level – while showing them how to pair the perfect, bold Cabo drink with their kick-ass meal.

The campaign was highlighted by sampling events throughout the country, serving up meats and Cabo drinks, a video series, retail promotions and ongoing digital/social content.


Some fun results:

  • Over 3 million video views.
  • 20,000+ drink and meat samples.
  • 23.5 overall impressions.
  • 31% new Facebook fans, 13.1% more Twitter followers, 152.3% more Instagram followers, 85.5% more YouTube followers

Check out the content:

  • Sizzle video:
  • YouTube Channel:
  • Facebook:

My specific contributions:

  • Led the creative process and ideation for how to execute the Thick Cut Living program.
  • Wrote copy for communication/retail pieces/website and overall talking points.
  • Worked closely with experiential team to run and manage sampling events.
  • Assisted in scripting and direction of video content.
  • Directed overall social media content and communication strategies.

This platform and programming is ongoing and evolving into the next year.