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Scottrade Creative Collection

Operation: Simplify The Art Of Investing

Scottrade is one of the nation’s largest investment firms. They focus on individual investors looking for reliable service and easy-to-use platforms.

For nearly three years, I was the main copywriter for Scottrade’s promotional materials. This included websites, brochures, print ads, annual reports, FORTUNE Magazine submissions and random brainstorming sessions. Shown below are a selection of samples showcasing the breadth of copywriting work I performed.

The biggest challenge on the account was understanding so many different aspects of the investment world, and then communicating those aspects in a way investors of any experience level could comprehend. For example, I wrote a refreshed version of the brand’s entire brochure suite, 24 total. Topics included ETFs, College Saving Accounts, How To guides for trading tools, and Roth IRAs. With each project it was up to me to do the research and work closely with the client to ensure our marketing materials were always accurate and easy to understand.

A highlight of my work is the “Scottrade Switch” campaign. The client asked us to come up with ideas for recruiting new customers to leave their existing broker and come to Scottrade. Because the brand is so focused on individual investors, I proposed highlighting a select number of real customers who had already made “the switch” and to let them do the talking. Then allow customers to compare brokers with an interactive tool, so they could see for themselves the difference and value Scottrade provided.We launched a promotional website and not only recruited new customers, but also created inspired brand advocates amongst those who were put in the spotlight.

Other Highlights:

  • Wrote copy and provided SEO strategy for a promotional recruitment campaign to find new and highly qualified employees
  • Developed the them and messaging for the brand’s FORTUNE Magazine “Best Places to Work” campaign for two years. Scottrade ranked in the top 50 each year
  • Wrote copy for Scottrade’s new Adviser Services website. It was a complex concept which included technical writing
  • Wrote copy for monthly email newsletters
  • Wrote promotional copy for the brand’s public-facing home page
  • Wrote copy for banner/digital ads to promote $7 trades
  • Worked closely with the client to develop creative and messaging strategies
  • Wrote multiple ads to announce new products and overall brand messaging in B2B publications
  • Wrote instructional copy for trading tool tutorials

I enjoyed working with Scottrade so much that I have an investment account with them today.