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What Colleagues & Clients Have To Say About Eammon:


“Eammon is a top-notch copywriter. He writes copy that truly speaks to its readers. I’ve worked with him for several years to write copy for a variety of clients and target audiences – from teenage girls to senior citizens. Regardless of the assignment, he gets it and delivers results-oriented copy. Beyond copywriting, Eammon understands the overall marketing process and the psychology of selling products or services. He is a true marketing professional and I would recommend him to anyone without qualification.”
John Anstey, Principal, Anstey Hodge Advertising Group

“Eammon is one of the best creatives that I’ve ever worked with. He just inherently “gets” digital, and his ideas work well across web copy and social media. His can do attitude and sense of humor make him a vital part of any team. He will be an strong asset in any situation.”
Jared Reed, SEO Specialist & Freelance Digital Strategist

“I can say confidently that Eammon is one of the most likable people you’ll ever have the pleasure of meeting. He “gets it” in a world where many still don’t. Equally skilled on paper or a whiteboard, I spent many a night working through ideas, pitches and presentations with Eammon. He never failed to deliver when it counted most. Great writer, nice guy and a class act.”
Brad Hogenmiller, Social Media Director & Digital Strategist 

“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Eammon over the past several years. His award-winning writing, creativity, and consistently solid managerial and people skills would make him a valuable asset to any creative team. His willingness to embrace new technology and ideas and “above and beyond” attitude is evident in his dramatic professional growth over the years. Consistently, Eammon has been the “go to” guy for his outstanding interaction with clients and problem solving abilities.”
David Hodge, Principal & Creative Director, Anstey Hodge Advertising Group

“You should hire Eammon. If you’re looking for freelance talent that brings original creative ideas paired with smart strategic solutions, you should hire Eammon. If you want a manager that can lead creative projects and mentor younger talent, you should hire Eammon. In addition to being incredibly talented, he can get to the nugget of an idea and sell it into a client. Eammon’s a great team player and all around good guy. You know what? You should hire Eammon!”
Carol McCorkle, Associate Creative Director & Freelance Copywriter

“I’ve worked with many creative writers over the years and Eammon is one of my favorites! His writing is trumped only by his good humor. He always makes his deadlines and deals well with last minute changes.”
Susan Etter, Senior Digital Project Manager

“Eammon has been an invaluable resource over the last few years. Whether it’s been bouncing off creative ideas for feedback, answering questions regarding industry trends or picking his brain on the nuances of campaign development, he’s been able to offer advice and input that I’ve been able to put into use in my work. I look forward to the day our professional paths cross.”
Sean Connors, Senior Copywriter and Digital Strategist