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Executive Summary

Since 2001, I’ve Done All This.

With more than sixteen years of experience working as a creative copywriter and creative leader, I’ve mastered the art of developing an idea into a campaign we can sell. I’ve worked at agencies as small as 10 and as big as 250. I’ve been the only writer with one art director and I’ve worked with teams as large as 20.

My last boss described me as “extremely reliable.” The one before that said I was the agency’s “big thinker.” I’ve won ADDYs, I’ve judged ADDYs. I can come up with the big idea. I can spot the big idea. I’ve written complete decks and I’ve presented complete decks. I can give feedback. I can take feedback. I build trust and I build relationships. Both internally and with clients.

My skill set is diverse, as I bring a senior level’s perspective to the following: print, direct mail, web, digital strategy, social media, broadcast, branding, brainstorming, white papers, large presentations, press releases, events, scripts and promotions.

I’ve worked closely with local clients, national clients and Fortune 500 companies. Like Verizon Wireless, Anheuser-Busch, Campari USA, OfficeMax, Hardee’s, Scottrade, Purina, Wild Turkey and Wendy’s.

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