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Creative Director, Copywriter, Brand Strategist

Eammon Azizi

Eammon Azizi, Creative Director, Writer In St. Louis, Missouri.

I’m a professional copywriter and creative director with 16 years of experience. I can write anything from ads and brochures to presentation decks and digital content. My advertising agency background means I understand branding, tight deadlines and the importance of building relationships with my team and our clients. I have a high digital IQ, meaning no matter the platform, I understand how to connect with people. I’m also competent in leading creative brainstorms, creative teams, client presentations, understanding SEO, and developing social media strategies.

My Experience and Portfolio tells you all about what I’ve done. My Blog offers my perspective on a few pieces of the biz. If you’d like to connect, I’m easy to find on Twitter and LinkedIn, or you can check out my Contact page.